Today we start with SEO or better known as Search Engine Optimisation. What SEO actually is about is getting to the top few search results but you probably already know that.

How would Google decide who should be number 1 and who is number 83,274?

The term called Authority, it is where Google deems how much of an authority you are to your web space and how much usefulness is your business to the WWW.

And boy, Flexitmarketing has a long long way to be qualified to even talk about SEO but we will get there eventually.

So how am I going to pull my SEO score up? Through experts who have already successfully done it before us. Seoptimiser is one webpage that I turn to identify what needs works on my social media, there are also other paid SEO dedicated brands such as Ahrefs and Semrush that can help you pinpoint what are the specific items that you can work on for your website. We start off the topic with on-Page SEO.

On page SEO basically means is breaking down every component of your website to see if you fulfil every part of the SEO checklist from having your H1 tags, the right keywords to your website speed.

Getting your Score to an A+ is what I would think everyone should go for.